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Best LED TV 2014-2015


LED or LCD, that is the new question. Even if you are not a tech geek you recognize that there are some differences because there is so much information out there about these two different types of television screens. If you are looking for the best LED TV of 2014-2015, what you need to do is check out consumer reviews about the subject.




The one common denominator all the best LED TV's have in common is the cost. They are all a bit pricey. You pay dearly for the perfect picture. You can find some lower costing models but typically you are going to sacrifice some of the picture quality. 


Frankly a lot of people really cannot tell the difference in quality between the high end LED TV's and the lower end LED TV's but some people can tell the difference. A lot of what you find to be best in a TV is obviously going to be linked to how much you are comfortable spending on a TV. 




Sony has a couple of TV's on the best LED TV list. The Bravia HX929 has a crystal clear picture that out performs most models the cost is right around three thousand dollars which is a lot more than most people want to pay with good cause. 


Sony also hit a home run with the Bravia HX50. This 3D capable stunner was new for 2012 and has more options than most new cars offer. You can snag a 55 inch model for right around three thousand dollars. 




The ViZio MD3 is a really super TV and offers just about all the features that you will find on the Bravia. The difference? You can scoop up this TV for around a grand! That is about two thousand dollars cheaper than the Bravia. It also comes in the huge 55 inch screen size, offers a full range of options and does it all for a lot less money. 


This 3D capable winner can easily be considered the best LED TV because of the combination of picture, features and price point! 




The Samsung UNE55 is one of the most technologically advanced televisions on the market it is expensive around 3K but if you want a peek at the future of TV this is the way to get it. A 55inch screen, wifi built in, dual core processor are just some of the features that this set offers. The cost is prohibitive to most but the perfect picture in both 2D and 3D are well worth the expense if you can afford it. 


Facebook, twitter access, web browsing and a hot of other sort after features are available with this TV and it is easily upgradeable so when the newer technology rolls around you do not have to reinvest in another TV. 


If you have it and you want to invest it than this is the home run you have been looking for. 


There are many things to consider when looking for the so called “best LED TV 2014-2015”. Deciding what options are a must have as well as price point will be deciding factors and only you can answer these questions.